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Inside Your Association - LeadingAge Georgia

LeadingAge Georgia is the statewide association of over 150 key not-for-profit and other mission-focused organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, health care, community-based and other related services for older Georgians. The mission of LeadingAge Georgia is to represent and promote the common interests of its members through leadership, advocacy, education and other services in order to enhance each member's ability to serve older Georgians.




LeaidngAge Georgia CEO Begins Next Adventure

Regrettably for LeadingAge Georgia, but with excitement for Walter Coffey, Mark Lowell, LeadingAge Georgia board chair, accepted Walter's resignation as President and CEO effective December 31, 2017. Walter and David will continue to work with organizations in LeadingAge as well as others, by consulting and coaching to help organizations develop and retain their staff. Also, he will be available to support organizations in becoming more person-centered as they empower their staff. This will be a very positive endeavor with the combined skills of each of these gentlemen. Together, they will bring dynamic change to any organization they work with! They are available to work with your organization in the future.


As such, Mark and the executive committee, with approval of the LeadingAge Georgia board, has appointed a search committee consisting of Terry Barcroft (Wesley Woods Senior Living), Deke Cateau (A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab), Gwen Hardy (Presbyterian Homes of Georgia), Chris Keysor (Lenbrook and chair-elect of LeadingAge Georgia) and Tom Rockenbach (Carlyle Place and Treasurer, LeadingAge Georgia) as chair of the search committee. The committee has met and is in the process of refining the process to ensure our association is in good hands as we transition to our new leader.


Walter has developed our association and positioned us as a leader among other LeadingAge state associations. He is certainly a leader among leaders and will leave an outstanding legacy. The search committee would be very interested in your thoughts of criteria, experience, and potential candidates to succeed Walter. Please share these ideas with Tom Rockenbach at


We will provide more information as we establish the actual application process for you to share with potential prospects. Walter has had the opportunity to share this transition with his colleagues at the recent state executives meeting in Denver. We will be advertising the position nationally as well as in Georgia.



Call for Submissions - 2017 Profiles of Positive Aging Honorees

A Profile of Positive Aging honors someone who IS CURRENTLY MAKING a difference in your community, your organization, and/or our state/society. It is the gift of legacy. By recognizing someone who exemplifies Positive Aging, you honor those who are standing on the shoulders of years of wisdom and positive aging experiences, who have lived life to the fullest and inspire us by their examples.


Honorees will participate in this special Awards Gala to be held in their honor on November 5, 2017 at the annual "Profiles of Positive Aging Gala". Profiles submitted by August 31, 2017 to the Association office will be evaluated. Elders will be featured along with the 2017 Icon in Positive Aging 1968 Summer Olympic Gold Medalist Melvin Pender and we expect a guest appearance by Congressman John Lewis.


Register your honoree via the following link or complete this entry form by submitting a brief profile of the individual to be included in the 2017 Tribute and on our website at:


Tickets Go on Sale Soon – Don't miss this Inspiring Experience

You're invited to experience an inspiring event with your colleagues and community heroes & heroines for the sixth annual Profiles of Positive Aging Awards Gala. This event is intended to unveil the beautiful truths about aging. On November 5, 2017 (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm), we'll pay tribute to Elders who have changed our lives, achieved a positive aging lifestyle, and continue to give of their tremendous talents and wisdom across our great state and nation.


The Profiles of Positive Aging Gala is designed to spotlight purposeful positive aging of elders in our communities as well as to support the educational arm of LeadingAge Georgia, the Georgia Institute on Aging. The purpose of the Institute is to provide affordable, quality professional development for individuals working in the field of aging. Currently, the Institute provides education to over 1300 professionals, via 25-30 events each year, who are dedicated to providing the best care and services to older Georgians.


Entry tickets to the Gala are $600 for 10 (Advocate Package), $300 for 5 (Champion Package), $60 per individual, $40 per retired person/full time student. We invite member organizations to bring their honoree and several staff and/or residents to this event. The planning committee will provide more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to determine how to choose your honoree and submit their profile for the tribute on November 5, 2017 during the Awards Gala.

For more information contact or dial 404-889-8536.

The 2017 PROFILES of Positive Aging Entries DEADLINE is August 31st. Click HERE to submit entry forms for Elders in your organization.




Georgia Night Dinner at LeadingAge National Conference

Remember to register as space is limited for the Georgia member dinner during the conference. This year Georgia Night is Sunday evening, October 29th.


Click HERE for registration



Value First


Medical-Surgical Products Savings


  • Abbot

  • Bard Medical

  • Covidien

  • SCA/Tena
  • Attends

  • Convatec

  • First Quality

  • Smith & Nephew


From incontinence products to nutritional supplements, your community can achieve savings through Value First, LeadingAge's group purchasing organization (GPO). The list above is just a sample of the manufacturer contracts in the med-surg spend category.

When was the last time your community analyzed costs in this area? Would you like to find out if you can save money on medical supplies? Let Value First do a cost study to compare what you are currently paying vs. pricing available through Value First.


Cost Studies are a free service for LeadingAge/Value First members. Request yours today!


Contact your Value First representative
Contact Value First Representative, Vanessa Ceasar, or call (404) 421-3956 for additional information. Vanessa will work with you on the data and format required from your medical supplies distributor to do the cost study.

Meet with your Value First representative
Schedule a meeting with your Value First rep to review cost study results and to get additional information about the GPO and how Value First can best serve you.

Stay in Touch
Whether you ae interested in doing a cost study or need help with quotes on big-ticket items such as computers, kitchen and laundry equipment, patient room furniture, exercise equipment, etc. your Value First representative can assist you. Tell us what you need.

Value First group purchasing organization is owned by LeadingAge. The GPO is designed to leverage the buying power of LeadingAge members across the country to get the best pricing on a comprehensive array of products and services.

This is your GPO!




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Member Distinctions

Congratulations to David Sprowl for his new role as Managing Partner of WD International Consulting. Welcome to Nichelle Mitchem, the new Executive Director of Lutheran Towers.



Tapestry Wins Preservation Competition!

Tapestry Development Group is pleased to have recently been selected as the winner of Atlanta's Affordable Housing Preservation Challenge, an idea competition to generate innovative, implementable programs to assist in the preservation of affordable housing in the Metro Atlanta area. Tapestry's Atlanta Affordable Housing Initiative will coordinate multiple capital sources to develop a revolving capital pool for the rehabilitation and preservation of naturally occurring affordable housing properties within the City of Atlanta. The creation of this fund will provide a much-needed capital source to existing multifamily property owners in exchange for locking in current affordable rent levels. The capital pool will include a mix of public, private, and philanthropic funding sources. The inclusion of project-based rental assistance will assist in stabilizing properties in the program and provide support to their low-income residents. The program will provide opportunities for job training for current residents and will maximize efficiencies by negotiating with subcontractors to provide service and labor.Click here for a further description of the competition and Tapestry's proposal.


We would like to thank the partners who organized and administered the competition: Enterprise Community Partners, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Georgia ACT and JP Morgan Chase Foundation. In particular, we thank the JP Morgan Chase Foundation for awarding us $80,000 to implement this initiative. We look forward to implementing the program in late 2017.



Calendar Information


To assist with planning, we are sharing information
on special holidays and observances for each month
2 months early.


This month we are sending you information for October



October 4 World Animal Day

October 9 Columbus Day

October 13 Navy Birthday

October 16 Boss's Day

October 31 Halloween



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Public Policy

LeadingAge Georgia Public Policy Report By Tom Bauer, LeadingAge Georgia Policy Advisor


As a follow-up to LeadingAge Georgia's Public Policy Committee in June, the board will be considering a new public policy agenda for 2017-2018, and several LeadingAge Georgia representatives participated in the annual summer meeting of the Coalition of Advocates for Georgia's Elderly (CO-AGE). Unfortunately CO-AGE did not select the budget issue presented by LeadingAge Georgia, (see below), but two interesting legislative issues were chosen and LeadingAge Georgia will participate in the issue development workgroups (see below).


Adult Day Services Medicaid Reimbursement Rates

As noted last month, LeadingAge/Georgia Adult Day Services Association (GADSA) presented a 5% reimbursement increase as a budget issue to be voted on by CO-AGE. Unfortunately, there was stiff competition, and funding for Georgia's Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) was selected instead. That being said, LeadingAge Georgia/GADSA as well as GGS and the Alzheimer's Association will work together on second 5% reimbursement rate.


On the positive side, the 5% increase approved in the 2016 General Assembly has finally been approved by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is moving ahead with implementation as computer systems are updated. The rate increase will be retroactive to adult day center services provided July 1 of 2016 and thereafter.

CO-AGE Legislative Issues

The two CO-AGE legislative priorities for 2018, along with a carryover issue (Abuser Registry) were chosen. The two issues are:

  • Medicaid Funded Assisted Living (Legislation to enable the state Medicaid program to pay for assisted living, increasing the number of facilities and available openings)
  • Personal Care Home Requirements (Expansion of Enforcement Options for State)

President Walter Coffey has informed the Georgia Council on Aging of LeadingAge Georgia's interest in serving on the work groups developing both of these issues for the 2018 General Assembly.


Claire Russell GADSA Leadership Team President presenting adult day funding issue at COAGE meeting in Macon



Department of Community Health (DCH)/Medicaid

In the wake of the inability of Congress to reach consensus on healthcare/health insurance reform, the idea of adjustments to Medicaid in Georgia, perhaps through waivers, is beginning to receive discussion. LeadingAge will monitor this as well as the following issues:

  • Implementation of Federal Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Rule
  • Renewal of the 1915(c) Medicaid Elderly and Disabled Waiver
  • Development of Proxy Caregiver Rule on Administration of Medications

Georgia Institute on Aging








2017 Dementia | Mental Health Symposium - REGISTER NOW

Having access to the most current information regarding mental health as well as our role in understanding and supporting individuals living with dementia is critical for all LeadingAge members! Being able to hear from an individual living with dementia, having an informal conversation regarding what he is feeling, thinking and expecting from us as his condition changes is an incredible experience not to miss! Every member organization should have at least one person attending. Topics include:

  • State of Mental Health: Including updates and focus from the GA Coalition on Mental Health and Older Adults as well as the GA Department of Behavioral Health/Developmental Disabilities
  • Living Fully with Dementia and Person-Centered Dementia Care: Hear from Individuals Living with Dementia about what they want us to Know
  • Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults - Hear from a panel of your colleagues who were certified this summer – there will share some of the content from the modules they think are most relevant to aging services
  • Dementia Beyond Drugs: Highlights from this two-day Eden Alternative Certification
  • Other information will be shared from guests as well as shared learning from colleagues (including most up to date information on the Georgia Alzheimer's & Related Dementias – GARD – state plan)

September 14, 2017 | 8:30am – 3:30pm
Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta
3003 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30327


Click HERE to register




Why Mental Health First Aid Course is Gaining Interest When you think of basic first aid, what comes to mind? Many of us carry first aid kits in our cars, or have taken a basic first aid course. Why? Perhaps we want to be prepared to help a loved one or those we serve in a medical emergency, or perhaps we have an altruistic desire to be of service if a stranger needs assistance. Knowledge and skills serve us well in navigating an emergency and can potentially prevent a medical emergency through early intervention. Mental Health First Aid® aims to teach members of the public how to respond in a mental health emergency and offer support to someone who appears to be in emotional distress. LeadingAge Georgia members and community affiliates spent a full day learning important Mental Health First Aid strategies to support individuals who may find themselves in distress in community and the residences where we serve. Over 50 LeadingAge Georgia members are certified Mental Health First Aiders.



Join us on September 14, 2017 during the Dementia and Mental Health Symposium to learn more about why this evidence based course is gaining interest in our field.
Register Now




Dementia Beyond Drugs POSTPONED

August 16 - 17, 2017


Leadership Academy Fourth Event

August 23, 2017


Maintenance/Physical Plant, Housekeeping Professionals Forum

August 30, 2017


SeptemberCoaching Supervision

September 13, 2017



Dementia & Mental Health Symposium

September 14, 2017



OctoberGolf Fundraiser for Center for Positive Aging

October 9, 2017

Click HERE for information

Click HERE for registration


Adult Day Services Fall Event

October 13, 2017


Leadership Academy Fifth Event

October 18, 2017


LeadingAge National Conference

October 29 - November 1, 2017


Georgia Night Dinner at the LeadingAge Conference

October 29, 2017

Click HERE for registration



Profiles of Positive Aging Image Awards

November 5, 2017

Click HERE for honoree entry form

Deadline for entries is August 31, 2017


Technology & Aging Summit

November 16, 2017

Registration coming soon



Annual Business Meeting

December 7, 2017

Registration coming soon


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Center for Positive Aging






Community Health Forum This year's Bridgebuilders Community Health Forum on Sensory Health and changes associated with aging which impact Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat health--to include parallels with the onset of Dementia was exceptional. The event was well attended by over 130 family caregivers, care partner teams, and older adults. The Center for Positive Aging was a collaborative partner for the third year of its 23 years of existence. Other partners included WellStar South Atlanta Campus, Emory/VA Hospital, JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers, Homestead Hospice, Alzheimer's Association Georgia, Second Wind Dreams "Virtual Dementia Tour", Georgia Tech Tools for Life, Center for the Visually Impaired and many others.



Webinar: New Tools for Financial Caregivers in Georgia August 22, 2017
2:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern Time


Millions of Americans are managing money or property for a loved one who is unable to pay bills or make financial decisions. These financial caregivers may be agents under a power of attorney, guardians of property or other fiduciaries. To help financial caregivers in Georgia, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Office for Older Americans has created easy-to-understand Managing Someone Else's Money guides with information and resources specific to Georgia.
Join a free webinar on August 22 to learn more about these guides and how you can help people acting as financial fiduciaries for older adults and adults with disabilities. Speakers include:

  • Natalie K. Thomas, State Legal Services Developer, Georgia Department of Human Services - Division of Aging Services
  • Becky Kurtz, Director, Atlanta Area Agency on Aging, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Naomi Karp, Senior Policy Analyst, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Office for Older Americans

Click HERE to Register.


If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact Tami Sieckman at or 202-435-7121.


How to Make Healthy Living a Sustainable Lifestyle Part Three - 8 Part Series



To help you contemplate an approach to live a healthier lifestyle, consider these simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine. By doing them regularly you will turn them into habits that will keep you on the path to a more fulfilling life!


Consider these three things to do upon awakening from a restful night's sleep:

  • Before you even open your eyes, express gratefulness for all the wonderful things that happened to you the day, week, month, or in your lifetime. Then, look forward to all the good things you expect to happen in your future. Having these wonderful thoughts first thing will give you reason to celebrate the day ahead. This can take only a minute or so. The key is to have positive thoughts first thing upon awakening.
  • As you arise, or maybe while you are still lying in bed, give yourself a nice full stretch to loosen those joints and muscles. Once out of bed, give yourself another stretch or two. Stretching increases the blood flow throughout your entire body, including your brain. It will help you feel invigorated both mentally and physically.
  • Drink at least one glass of water first thing to help jumpstart your body for the day. Drinking water before you eat anything or if you are a coffee drinker, even before that first cup, is said to help boost your digestion and metabolism, as well as aiding your elimination for regularity. I can definitely attest to this!

Something else I suggest you do regularly, as I do, sing in the shower. Choose songs that are fun, uplifting and are easy to remember. Even if you do not know all the words, hum the melody. In other words, put a song in your heart and it will stay with you throughout the day. You will find yourself singing or humming it without realizing it. This will have a very positive impact on your attitude all day. It will have you smiling for no reason at all, other than you feel happy! With that, I say, should you see someone without a smile … give them one of yours as you cruise through your day filled with great positivity!


I think you will agree these are practical things you can do to start and maintain your positive transformation. Do them regularly so they become a habit and you do them without giving any thought, they just happen. As simple as they are, they will begin to make a big difference, very possibly immediately.


One final, but very important step in this process after you have brushed your teeth, combed your hair and performed all your other grooming, look in the mirror and give yourself a smile of approval!


These are some of the little things that I do regularly that have had a very positive impact on my life and I sincerely believe you will have the same results.



Part Four of the 'How to Make Healthy Living a Lifestyle' will focus on becoming more aware of your Self-Talk. We all do it, but are you aware of the great impact it has on you? Learn how your self-talk affects your lifestyle and what you can do to have it help you achieve your goals.



Carolyn L. Hartfield, Guest Contributor
Healthy Lifestyle Coach & Outdoor Adventure Leader
Speaker, trainer and writer

Carolyn's experience in the health and wellness arena started when she opened her first health food store in 1985 and expanded it to 4 locations. She received her Health Coach certificate from Emory University. She is a 2016 recipient of the LeadingAge Georgia Profiles in Positive Aging Award, representing AARP. She is a National Senior Games (NSG) Athlete earning numerous gold and silver medals; she is featured in the 2017 National Senior Games Non-Ambulatory Athlete Exercise Videos; featured on the TV News Magazine for Baby Boomers 50Plus Prime; she was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) newspaper; the cover story for the GirlFriends Lifestyle - A Women's Guide to Healthy Living Magazine, Special Edition for the White House Conference on Aging; and interviewed for various other media outlets. She is the founder of Hartfield's Hikers, Older People with Active Lifestyles (OPALs), Atlanta African American Baby Boomers and the Walk Outdoors for Wellness! (WOW!) program. For more information visit or send Carolyn an email at


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Culture Change News






Culture Change Network of Georgia Advisory Group Meeting

CCNG advisory group 2017 meetings
August 11 at the Alzheimer's Association
October 27 at Lenbrook in Buckhead


Watch for information and materials.




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Adult Day Services (GADSA)



Initial Approval for 31 States' HCBS State Transition Plans Approval is granted because these states completed their systemic assessment, included the outcomes of this assessment in the STP, clearly outlined remediation strategies to rectify issues that the systemic assessment uncovered, such as legislative changes and changes to contracts, and is actively working on those remediation strategies.

Full Article


2017 GADSA Leadership Team

President: Claire Russell, The Homeplace

Vice-Presidents Public Policy: Ned Morgens, Skylark Senior Care;
Aysha Cooper, SarahCare of Snellville

Vice-Presidents of Members: Georgia Gunter, Adult Day of Dunwoody;
Carla Jones, Rosswoods; Peggy Padgett, Georgia Infirmary Adult Day Health

GA Association of Activity Professionals










2nd Annual GAAP Symposium

On Friday, July 21, the 2nd Annual GAAP Symposium took place at Decatur Christian Towers. With the 2020's quickly approaching, this years theme was the "Roaring 20's", focusing on the loud, exciting and exuberant events of the era. However, many seniors lose site of this time of celebration and advancement, resulting in loneliness, boredom and helplessness. This years event focused on addressing these three plaques, and as activity professionals, how can we connect with our residents dealing with these issues.

Liana Sisco, from Lutheran Towers, began our meeting with a great introduction to the Roaring 20's Era and how it relates to our residents today. Following a group activity addressing the three plaques, Amy Dills-Moore brought the three plaques together, discussing the importance of "Creating Meaningful Connections." Amy provided us great insight on developing these connections, not just resident to resident connections, but staff to resident connections.
During lunch, attendees were entertained with music from More than a Song, Second Chance and Dandy Don Cowboy. These exhibitors provided an example of the entertainment they can bring to our senior residents.

The afternoon session began with Lisa Kiely continuing the 3 plaques theme of how to reach those residents who tend to isolate themselves from everyone. Lisa provided great examples on how to recognize those elders and then how to help them be more involved.

Finally, we ended the day with a panel discussion regarding current technology and sensory programs. Seniors tend to struggle with technology and this panel discussion allowed us to see ways to engage our residents along with creatively evaluating our programs.

This years event was packed with lots of information, activities and entertainment. If you have not attended a GAAP meeting, please plan to attend our next GAAP Symposium. We look forward to seeing you in 2018.


Scott Bassett
President-GA Association of Activity Professionals/LeadingAge GA




2017 GAAP Leadership Team

President: Scott Bassett (Philips Tower, Decatur)
Vice-President: Amanda Bennett (Campbell-Stone Sandy Springs; Atlanta)
Membership: Melissa Scott-Walter (A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab; Atlanta)
Program/Education: Liana Sisco (Lutheran Towers; Atlanta)
NAAP Liaison: Wendy Boyd (The Gardens at Calvary; Columbus)

LeadingAge Georgia Business Connection

Webinar: How Integrated e-Tactics Added $628,000 in Revenue Wednesday, August 16th, 1-2p.m. (EST)


Don't miss this important Pennswood Village case study! Jennifer Doone, Director of Marketing, Pennswood Village, Nicole Salla, Vice President Strategic Services and Kayla Caw, Manager, Integrated Media Services, Love & Company show how an integrated blog and e-newsletter strategy produced $628,000 in additional revenue and sped up move-ins by more than a year, thanks to proprietary reporting and follow-up tactics—for a 314% ROI.

Presented by:

Nicole Salla, Vice President Strategic Services, Love & Company
Kayla Caw, Manager Integrated Media Services, Love & Company
Jennifer Doone, Director of Marketing, Pennswood Village


Click HERE to register.



Georgia Council on Aging Celebrates 40 Years

The Georgia Council on Aging is celebrating its 40th anniversary! GCOA was created by the Georgia General Assembly in 1977 to advise state government on aging issues. Please join the council, state leaders and aging advocates at a celebration luncheon on October 26, 2017 at 12:30 pm at the Classic Center in Athens, GA. Please visit to register and for more information.

Sector Briefing: Nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Clilck HERE to view the Sector Briefing for CCRCs / Life Plan Communities published by Fitch.


News Throughout the Spectrum of Aging Services

Assisted Living Communities/Personal Care Homes

Could an Assisted Living Report Card Be in Your State's Future?
The search for assisted living communities could become easier for Minnesota consumers if the state legislature approves current proposals to develop an online assisted living report card. The report card would allow users to compare assisted living communities based on their quality and consumer-satisfaction scores.


"This is a significant move that other states should be watching," says Steve Maag, director of residential communities at LeadingAge. "There are not many resources, other than state survey reports, to help consumers explore the differences between assisted living communities. If Minnesota can develop an up-to-date, easily available score card, other states may look at doing the same thing."


Full Article



A Chilling Wake-Up Call for Assisted Living
You're a nonprofit assisted living provider and you're proud of it. And you should be proud.


But don't make the mistake of thinking that your nonprofit status shields you and your residents from bad outcomes.


That's the message I took away from this year's report on aging services claims from CNA, a commercial insurance company. The report sends 2 chilling wake-up calls to nonprofit assisted living providers.


First, assisted living communities, on average, paid more than nursing homes for insurance claims that were closed between 2011 and 2015, according to data from CNA-insured aging services organizations.

Second, 30% of those closed claims involved nonprofit organizations.

Full Article

Federally Assisted Housing (HUD-Subsidized)

LeadingAge Georgia HUD/Affordable Housing Members – WE NEED YOU

LeadingAge Georgia is partnering with Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC for the 4th edition of a HUD benchmarking study available for all HUD housing communities located throughout the state of Georgia.


We encourage your participation so the results of this survey will be more valuable with a higher number of participants. All information provided will remain private. The survey results will be free and emailed to all organizations that participate once it is complete. You do not have to be a member of LeadingAge Georgia to participate.

This survey has been designed due to a number of requests for this information from a number HUD housing communities.

The study will focus on the items :

  • Average salaries by position
  • Revenue and expense analysis
  • Occupancy
  • Cash reserves

DEADLINE: Thursday, August 31, 2017


The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The results of the information gathered will allow HUD entities throughout the state of Georgia to compare their performance and other items to other entities in a similar geographical region. This information can be critical to planning and budgeting for future needs.


Click HERE to complete the survey:


NOTE: Staff with similar roles have a variety titles in HUD communities. Please review the job description for each position and choose the one that best describes the similar role in your organization. Please note that the data
should include information that is effective as of March 1, 2017.


Building our staff teams is a critical part of adhering to our mission. Yet, in a time of demand and scarcity for those trained and committed to working with seniors adults, there is a lot of uncertainty in how to use compensation as tool for retention. How do priorities and budgets align? This survey is a starting place to help us see where we are in the market and plan for the future.


- Kyle Huhtanen, Executive Director, Decatur Christian Towers & LeadingAge Georgia Board Member


Tips for Senior Living Providers Shaking Up Their Operations
Many senior housing providers make major changes—whether to their business model or care strategies—in the hopes of improving their bottom lines or better complying with various industry regulations. Unfortunately, these major changes also tend to lead to something else: confused, disgruntled residents and family members. When Holiday Retirement decided last year to abandon its longtime management model, for instance, the reasoning was primarily financial in nature—the nation's largest independent living provider claimed it couldn't continue to both employ live-in managers and comply with a U.S. Department of Labor overtime rule. But the switch startled some Holiday residents and their families, who contacted Senior Housing News. They had been promised live-in
managers upon move-in a few years ago, and felt that care would be compromised without them.

Full Article


Full 202 Funding, Cuts to Other HUD Programs in House Bill
President Trump has requested cuts to most every housing program for FY18, including the Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program and other programs that assist very low income older adults. The Trump Administration has also proposed freezing owner / sponsor rents and increasing rents for residents. With its July 11 bill, the subcommittee has rejected the worst of the requested cuts and the harmful, proposed policies.

Full Article


Home and Community Based Services

Hospices May Profit from Live Discharges
More hospice patients are being discharged before their death, raising a question about whether hospice companies are financially motivated to do so. One recent study found there is in fact a positive association between higher hospice margins and higher rates of live discharge. Over the last decade, the "live discharge" rate—the rate at which patients are discharged from hospice before their death—has risen steadily, according to a study published in Health Affairs, "A Positive Association Between Hospice Profit Margin And The Rate At Which Patients Are Discharged Before Death."

Full Article



Emergency Preparedness Guidance Home Health and Hospice

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has published an advanced copy of interpretive guidance for its final emergency preparedness rule for healthcare providers. The rule was published on September 16, 2016 and is effective as of
November 15, 2016. The regulations must be implemented by affected entities by November 15, 2017. This rule applies to 17 provider and supplier types as a condition of participation for CMS. The advanced copy will "vary slightly" from the final version, CMS said. CMS urged providers not to put off planning their emergency training exercises until the guidance was released, noting that waiting for the guidance "is not necessary nor is it advised." This guidance also addresses the unique differences of other providers and suppliers, including home health and hospice.

Full Article



Life Plan Community/CCRC

Should Your CCRC Expand into HCBS?

Expanding into home and community-based services (HCBS) is a natural progression for a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). That's because the primary benefit of the CCRC model is to allow people to age in 1 community even if they need additional health care services over time.


We find that some of our most successful HCBS members started as CCRCs. I don't believe that is a coincidence.


The leadership and staff of CCRCs have the skill set to attract and maintain quality staff, promote wellness and prevention, and facilitate care coordination for the older adults they serve. CCRC leaders also have risk-management skills that can help them succeed as operators of Programs of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and other types of HCBS.


Full Article



Expanding into HCBS: A CCRC Perspective

Well-Spring Retirement Community opened its doors in 1993 through a coalition of nine local churches whose vision was to establish a community with services and amenities.


Then, in 2011, Well-Spring Retirement Community, Moses Cone Health System, Advanced Homecare and Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro provided seed money to open a Program of All Inclusive Care For the Elderly. And finally, in 2012, Adult Center for Enrichment, a provider of adult day care, respite care, and caregiver support services was integrated into the Well-Spring Services. They also operate a personal care service.


Full Article



2017-2018 CCRC Salary & Benefits Report

The 2017-2018 CCRC Salary & Benefits Report, published by HCS in cooperation with LeadingAge has just been released. If you would like to borrow this report please contact



Nursing Care/Rehab

CMS Releases Revised Appendix PP with Renumbered F Tags
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a new Survey& Certification letter, S&C: 17-36-NH, detailing revisions to the State Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix PP for Phase 2, F-Tag revisions, and related issues. revisions will be effective on November 28, 2017.

Full Article


CMS Releases New Survey Interpretive Guidance, Will Delay Penalties for One Year
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said Friday it "has heard concerns"
about requirements for Phase 2 survey guidelines and will be postponing enforcement penalties for another year.

Full Article


SNF Deficiencies Declining, but Staffing Still Lower than Recommended: Report
The average number of deficiencies per nursing home has dropped in recent years, but staffing levels are still falling short of what some experts recommend, according to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser's "Nursing Facilities, Staffing, Residents and Facility Deficiencies" report, published Tuesday, outlines recent trends in skilled nursing facilities across the United States using data from the On-line Survey, Certification, and Reporting (OSCAR) system and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports.

Full Article


Marketing Salaries Increase in Nursing Homes

Oakland, NJ, August 2017 -- The national average salary of Director of Marketing in Nursing Homes increased 2.83% in 2017, according to the 2017-2018 Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report, just published by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS). The national study is published in cooperation with LeadingAge and AHCA.


The Report shows the impact of facility revenue size on salaries. Director of Marketing salaries at facilities with <=$4.9 million received $50,000 compared to those in facilities with >=$15 million, that received $68,000. Directors of Marketing also reported an annual bonus of 13.51% of salary.


Marketing Representative salaries ranged from $47,081 to $61,143 by revenue size. The increase from 2016 for Marketing Representative was 2.95%, while Marketing Coordinators received the lowest increase of 1.88%.


This year marks the 40th annual year of publication. 1,970 nursing homes participated in the study and provided compensation data on 175,600+ employees, covering 46 management and 53 nonmanagement positions. The results are reported according to revenue size, total unit size, geographic region, state, and CBSA. The Report also includes 19 fringe benefits, turnover rates by department, and projected salary increases by department for 2017 to 2018.


The Nursing Home Report is available for $350. The price for LeadingAge + AHCA members is $275. To order online, visit the HCS website at or call (201) 405-0075.


HCS released a separate CCRC Salary & Benefits Report this June, as well its Assisted Living Salary & Benefits Report, which was released earlier this year.

HCS, founded in 1971, is recognized as the leader in national healthcare salary and benefits research. HCS conducts national and custom marketplace studies, publishing more than nine specialized Reports each year.

General Notes of Interest

U.S. to Collaborate with Japan on Aging in Place Challenges The United States is partnering up with Japan to tackle aging in place challenges, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced on Friday, June 30. As two countries with significant populations of aging residents, the U.S. and Japan are exploring ways to expand housing opportunities to allow seniors to remain in their homes longer. Officials from both countries signed an agreement to conduct joint research on aging in place and housing finance.

Full Article



President Appoints New Leadership for Aging Services LeadingAge is pleased President Trump has appointed Lance Allen Robertson of
Oklahoma to be Assistant Secretary for Aging, Department of Health and Human
Services and Mary Lazare to serve as Administration for Community Living (ACL's) Principal Deputy Administrator. We look forward to working with Mr. Robertson and Ms. Lazare, and appreciate that the President appointed two extremely knowledgeable and dedicated individuals to lead the efforts of the Administration for Community Living, the federal agency created around the fundamental principle that older adults and people with disabilities of all ages should be able to live where they choose, with the people they choose, and with the ability to participate fully in their communities.

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As Seniors Get Sicker, They're More Likely To Drop Medicare Advantage Plans When Sol Shipotow enrolled in a new Medicare Advantage health plan earlier this year, he expected to keep the doctor who treats his serious eye condition. "That turned out not to be so," said Shipotow, 83, who lives in Bensalem, Pa. Shipotow said he had to scramble to get back on a health plan he could afford and that his longtime eye specialist would accept. "You have to really understand your policy," he said. "I thought it was the same coverage."

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Report Has 3 Recommendations for LTSS Financing A new report from the Bipartisan Policy Center offers three recommendations to help individuals afford long-term services and supports as they age, in turn helping aging services providers. "For the past 25 years, policymakers have failed to reach consensus on a sustainable means of financing and delivering LTSS," BPC Health Policy Director Katherine Hayes said in a statement. "We hope our recommendations will offer a path forward and help to start the conversation on a comprehensive strategy that will help families and individuals."

Full Article


Alwan on LTPAC Technology Trends and More

Majd Alwan, Ph.D., senior vice president of technology at LeadingAge and executive director of CAST, recently shared thoughts on long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) technology trends, protecting organizations from cyber threats, and more in an interview with DistilINFO.

High-Tech Aging – Improving Lives explored how CAST is helping LTPAC providers; the impact of social, mobile, cloud and analytics; how payer and acute health care executives can plan for the future in partnership with LTPAC providers; and Alwan's background and leadership style. It included the following highlights:


Top trends in technology in long-term and post-acute care:

  • People's desire to remain independent for as long as possible, or "thriving in place of choice."
  • The shift away from pay-for-service toward pay for performance by most payers.
  • The significant proliferation of technology and improvement in technology in terms of speed, mobility, interoperability standards, reliability, user interfaces, including touch screen, enhanced Graphical User Interfaces, and lately voice and natural language processing.
  • Artificial intelligence and analytic tools that help us make sense of big data.

Full Article


Technology's Strategic Role and Adoption are on the Rise among the Largest Nonprofit Providers

This publication ranks and analyzes the nation's largest 150 nonprofit senior living providers of multi-site systems, single-site campuses, and government-subsidized multi-site housing.


LeadingAge's Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) partnered with Ziegler, a LeadingAge Gold Partner, to update the technology adoption and staffing portion of the annual survey. The 2016 LZ 150 report provides the following insights in the technology adoption of electronic documentation and safety technologies, as well as health and wellness technologies among the surveyed providers:


Full Article


Job Mart

Client Administration & Communications Coordinator - Personal Care

See full job description at:


CNA/CMA - Park Springs

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Life Engagement Counselor - Park Springs

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Homemakers - Park Springs

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Maintenance Tech - Park Springs

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Property Manager - Big Bethel Village

See full job description at:


Security Guard - Park Springs

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Servers - Park Springs

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Service Coordinator - Campbell Stone Buckhead

See full job description at:


Utility - Park Springs

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