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Inside Your Association - LeadingAge Georgia

LeadingAge Georgia is the statewide association of over 150 key not-for-profit and other mission-focused organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, health care, community-based and other related services for older Georgians. The mission of LeadingAge Georgia is to represent and promote the common interests of its members through leadership, advocacy, education and other services in order to enhance each member's ability to serve older Georgians.




Coming of Age in Aging America Never in human history have so many lived for so long. What will it mean for all of us to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? What might this look like in metro Atlanta, home to one of the fastest growing older adult populations in the country.


The Atlanta Regional Commission invites you to attend the debut event for Vital Picture's Coming of Age in Aging America. This documentary, much of it shot in the metro area, explores the demanding reality of this permanent transformational phenomenon.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017
4:00 p.m. Reception with filmmakers from Vital Pictures
5:00 p.m. Screening
6:00 p.m. Panel Discussion


The Loudermilk Conference Center
40 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

This event is complimentary. RSVPs are required.




To learn more about the Coming of Age project visit



WORKFORCE Series: Improving Members' Capacity in Recruiting and Retaining Millennials As a result of the 2016 LeadingAge Georgia member survey, the following is a part of the strategic initiatives the association adopted: Improving members' capacity in recruiting and retaining Millennials. A work group of millennials from member organizations has been meeting with the goal of identifying and highlighting: What it is that Millennials are seeking from a career in our field; what challenges Millennials perceive as obstacles to entering and growing in the field of aging services; and recommendations for our field on how to attract and then cultivate this younger cohort into future leadership – senior management positions.

Over the coming months, this work group will be writing an ongoing series in the Coffey-Break to share some of the insights we have uncovered in our discussions. We will hold some additional interactive discussions with existing leaders in the field about how to bridge the generational workforce gaps and assure that our noble field is able to pull in the best and brightest talent going forward. On behalf of the "Millennial Work Group" we look forward to sharing and learning more about our workforce as a whole in the name of providing the highest level of care for the seniors we serve.

Special thanks to the members of the of the work group:
Kathryn Duke – Clairmont Oaks
Melody McTier – Decatur Christian Terrace
David Brooks – St. Anne's Terrace
Josh Brown – Campbell-Stone Apartments North
Alexandria Hudson Giles - Calvin Court
Samantha Eaves – Wesley Woods Senior Living
George Tucker – Campbell-Stone North Apartments


Categories for Discussion include:

  • What Millennials Want: Open Communication with Senior Management
  • Current Challenges Millennials Face: Perception that Upper Level Management is often resistant to change
  • Ideas for Improvement: Discuss with upper level management how to break the barrier of stereotypes

Communicating Change: Opening the Dialogue with Millennials
By Kathryn Duke, Relocation Coordinator, Clairmont Oaks

Picture this: a 23 year-old woman, who graduated from college less than a year ago, walks into your office and says, "I believe there is an area here that can be improved, and after looking around I know how to improve it."

What do you think about the scenario above? Some of you may be thinking, "Is this a joke?" or "That would never happen." Some of you might even be thinking "Who does the 23 year-old think she is?" or "Where did this 23 year-old even come from?"

Well, I can tell you that a version of this scenario did happen and that I am that 23 year-old. At the time that this took place, I had been with my organization for six months. And, after six months of being in my position and becoming more familiar with staff, our residents and the ins and outs of our building, I thought there was one particular thing that could be improved and I knew how to do it.
Now, I was extremely nervous because this was the first time that I would ever do something like this. I spent days researching and preparing what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. Then the day came and I walked into my administrator's office and pitched my idea, and although I was nervous, it went great. She loved my ideas for improvement and now we are working to implement them within our organization.

Now, some of you may be thinking, "This is crazy. How can someone who's been at an organization for six months think they know how to make improvements, especially someone so young?" But here's the reality, one of your staff members could have a great idea for improvement – an improvement that could bring in more revenue, bring a little more joy to your residents' lives, or even make your life easier – but how will you know if you're not willing to have open communication with them?

As millennials, we want the ability to communicate our ideas to those who are in upper level management positions, but often we think we can't and/or that those in upper level management may not want to hear our ideas because they may be resistant to make changes. Many millennials want the opportunity to share our ideas. We know that every idea isn't going to be implemented, but having the opportunity to discuss them and know that we are being heard is very important to us.

I can honestly say the main reason I had the courage to pitch my idea is because I knew my administrator would actually listen and consider what I had to say – I wouldn't just be shunned away because of my age or time spent with our organization. When it comes to the millennials in your organization, are you creating the environment to hear what they have to say?

The millennial group wants to know how we can break stereotypes. If you are an upper level manager and are having positive conversations with your millennial staff, let us know. We want to improve our relationships, and we propose the best way to do that is by effective communication.


Comedy Event - Save the Date! - June 26, 2017

Producer and co-founder of Dementia Spotlight Foundation, Robin Andrews, believes artistic and experiential forms of education will be the key to changing personal and collective fears and stigmas associated with dementia.


This inspirational and educational event will offer hope, joy, and validation to families living with dementia. Raising much needed community awareness, together we will celebrate a few of the trail blazers doing it differently and have fun modeling what it looks like to "Re-imagine" dementia strategies through a community interactive musical improv comedy performance.


Celebrity lineup will include talents Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Living Beyond Diagnosis founder Robert Bowles, and Alzheimer's Music Fest founder Vince Zangaro. Author Marci Nault, (The Lake House) will host the gala and "spotlight" for guests, the value of music, creativity, and humor as a means for coping and living with dementia.






June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month

In honor of this month, there are many ways to spread awareness about dementia and brain health! The Alzheimer's Association provides social media tools and describes ways you can take action this month.

One way the Division of Aging is honoring the month is through documentary screening opportunities. The 12 Area Agencies on Aging received a copy of the film You're Looking at Me Like I Live Here & I Don't, which tells the story of a resident of a memory care unit. The AAA staff can choose to host a screening for staff or for the community. The Division of Aging will be hosting a screening of the film on June 22nd in our office in downtown Atlanta.


If you are interested in attending this screening, please register here.


It will include a discussion after the film with Dr. Candace Kemp from Georgia State University. Please share the event with your contacts!


The River Valley AAA used the documentary as part of an in-service on June 2nd and included a discussion with staff and a presentation of resources. Thank you so much to Katie Howard and River Valley for hosting a screening and sharing the experience!


Value First


Vendor Spotlight: HD SUPPLY Unit Turn Renovation Program





  • Provide consistency of look within the community
  • Reduce unit turn completion time
  • Cost savings opportunities
  • Provide a template for Marketing to present to future residents


  • Chrome
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Blinds, Plumbing, Light Fixtures, Cabinet Door Fronts, Electrical Outlets, Appliances
  • Economy, Mid-scale, Premium

Renovation Capabilities:

  • Deeper inventory on core renovation products
  • Products are stocked in 42 Distribution Centers nationwide
  • Quality brand products at a competitive cost
  • Next Day – Free Delivery on all standard products

Contact your representative, Vanessa Ceasar, at or 404-421-3956 for additional information.


Visit to request a catalog.


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New Members

Buckeye International

Sebastian de Caestecker

1455 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 200

Norcross, GA 30093

(678) 570-2406

Housekeeping/Janitorial Supply


Color Burst

Emily Taylor

P.O. Box 280

Grayson, GA 30017

(770) 822-9706



Relative Network Systems
Chris Giles
P.O. Box 1551
Oxford, GA 30054
(678) 729-7253

Computer Services/Managed Services



Member Distinctions

Jeff Rock, Executive Director, Lanier Village Estates, recognized by the LeadingAge Georgia board of directors for his services as board chair in 2016.





Calendar Information


To assist with planning, we are sharing information
on special holidays and observances for each month
2 months early.


This month we are sending you information for August



August 4 U.S. Coast Guard Day

August 12 International Youth Day

August 19 National Aviation Day

August 21 Senior Citizen's Day

August 26 Women's Equality Day



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Public Policy

LeadingAge Georgia Public Policy Report: The General Assembly Concludes By Tom Bauer, LeadingAge Georgia Policy Advisor


Although the 2017 Georgia General Assembly is now "in the rear view mirror" and spring is usually a quiet time for public policy, there has been activity by LeadingAge Georgia in several areas and good news on one of its issues: The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has finally approved the 5% reimbursement increase for adult day (health) centers, retroactive to Last July 1. This also clears the way for LeadingAge Georgia to pursue the next increase recommended in 2015 by the House Study Committee on Adult Day Services.


CO-AGE/Adult Day Services

LeadingAge Georgia Adult Day Services Association (GADSA) has submitted the above mentioned 5% reimbursement increase as a budget issue to be voted on by the Coalition of Advocates for Georgia's Elderly (CO-AGE). The presentation will be July 14 in Macon with voting taking place throughout July.


Federal Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Rule

As noted in past reports, the federal office for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) promulgated new rules concerning parameters to ensure that all HCBS accent patient choice and integration in the community. These rules apply to multiple federal programs including Medicaid. As a part, states must document progress toward compliance; future Medicaid waivers (and changes to current ones such as CCSP and SOURCE), state Medicaid plan amendments and provider rate increases are all dependent upon compliance.


LeadingAge Georgia has been participating with the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH), which has been very inclusive as it works toward implementation of the HCBS rule. DCH has expressed concern with the following programs being able to comply with CMS requirements to be "non-isolating" and integrate persons with disabilities and the elderly with the general population (including the provision of employment opportunities):

  • Adult Day Centers
  • Vocational and Employment Services programs
  • Community Living Arrangements

Other major topics to be addressed (besides compliance regarding above) are:

  • Policies for monitoring and oversight
  • Establishment of (menu of) adverse actions (to be added to manuals)
  • Appeals process for providers

DCH staff are very aware that compliance with the HCBS rule will impose additional costs on providers, as well as the state. Deadline for final approval by CMS was March, 2017, but speculation that CMS would extend this date proved true, and states now have until March, 2022 to comply.


Renewal of the 1915(c) Medicaid Elderly and Disabled Waiver

Both the Community Care Services Program (CCSP) and SOURCE provide home and community based services to clients, allowing them to remain in the community in lieu of living in institutions (e.g. nursing homes). These programs are part of the 1915(c) waiver which must be periodically renewed. The deadline for the renewal application is September 1, and DCH has sought input from stakeholders. LeadingAge Georgia has submitted comments highlighting the following points:

  • Currently providers of adult day health services are struggling due to low reimbursement rates under Medicaid which do not or barely cover costs.
  • Georgia's implementation of its Transition Plan for home and community-based services to comply with the recent CMS rule for HCBS is another cost driver for adult day centers.
  • As contained in the above mentioned House Study Committee on Adult Day Services committee report, LeadingAge requested that DCH amend the portions of the Service Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE) provider manual, also applied to the Community Care Services Program (CCSP), to develop criteria for a client of lesser acuity who still requires adult day services.
  • Also, as noted by the House Study Committee, CCSP utilization of adult day services has been static over most of the past ten years. LeadingAge recommended that DCH develop a program to educate CCSP and SOURCE case managers about the availability and services offered by ADH centers, ensure that clients are fully informed concerning right to choices under CCSP and SOURCE, and monitor referrals to the centers.
  • Georgia should use all of its 34,000 slots granted under the Elderly and Disabled 1915(c) waiver, thus enabling more individuals to be diverted from more costly nursing home care.
  • LeadingAge Georgia also urged that in the future the Department of Community Health give careful consideration to developing and seeking federal CMS approval for a new elderly and disabled waiver for clients of lower acuity for those who do not need nursing home services.


Georgia Institute on Aging











First Annual North American Dementia Care Conference;
Dementia Action Alliance
June 26-27, 2017



July Mental Health First Aid with Older Adult Module – Mauldin & Jenkins

July 13, 2017



GAAP Extravaganza: Roaring Twenties

July 21, 2017


Fair Housing & Ethics Symposia
July 25, 217




Dementia Beyond Drugs (via Eden Alternative)

August 16 - 17, 2017



Leadership Academy Fourth Event

August 23, 2017


Maintenance/Physical Plant, Housekeeping Professionals Forum

August 30, 2017


SeptemberCoaching Supervision

September 13, 2017


Dementia & Mental Health

September 14, 2017


OctoberGolf Fundraiser for Center for Positive Aging

October 9, 2017


Adult Day Services Fall Event

October 13, 2017


Leadership Academy Fifth Event

October 18, 2017


LeadingAge National Conference

October 29 - November 1, 2017



Profiles of Positive Aging Image Awards

November 5, 2017

Click HERE for honoree entry form

Deadline for entries is August 31, 2017



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Center for Positive Aging






How to Make Healthy Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

Determining Your Why for a Healthier Lifestyle


June is a perfect month to get outdoors, as it is National Great Outdoors Month.  If you are in any way thinking about improving your lifestyle, now is a great time to start by getting outdoors and enjoying a walk or a hike in a local park or in your neighborhood. Take deep breaths of fresh air.  You will be refreshed and feel so much better, particularly if you are in a park surrounded by Mother Nature in all her glory.


Did you know that intentional regular walks can have a wonderful payoff on your health and wellbeing?  And better yet, walking/hiking in nature helps boost your overall physical and mental health. This activity can help improve your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, improve bone density, help you lose weight, reduce negative stress, provide clarity of mind, awaken your inner spirit, and much more!


Read more





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Culture Change News






2017 Georgia Culture Change Summit & North American Dementia Conference

Since the national Dementia Action Alliance will hold its North American Dementia Conference in Atlanta June 25-27, will be not have the 2017 Culture Change Summit so the Georgia Culture Change supporters can attend this significant conference.


Click HERE to register.


Sponsored by:








Dementia Beyond Drugs - August 16-17, 2017



Based on the award-winning book by G. Allen Power, M.D., this in-depth 2-day learning experience uses the framework of culture change to create a new approach to caring for people who live with dementia. Learn why the current paradigm for dementia care can never produce satisfactory results and explore an experiential model that facilitates growth, meaningful engagement, and improved well-being via the application of person-directed practices.





Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the limitations of our current approach to care for those living with dementia;
  • Envision an "Experiential Model" for viewing dementia and recognize the importance of enhancing well-being for all; and
  • Apply the model to everyday situations of need by using creative solutions to empower individuals to live full and positive lives.

While Reframing Dementia focuses on the fundamentals of building meaningful relationships with people living with dementia, this training takes learning to the next level, through the lens of Dr. Powers' Experiential Model.


Click HERE to register.


Contact the Eden Alternative Education Coordinator, Meredith Martin for more information: or 585-461-3951 ext. 3051



Like Hunger or Thirst, Loneliness in Seniors Can Be Eased It's widely believed that older age is darkened by persistent loneliness. But a
considerable body of research confirms this isn't the case. In fact, loneliness is the exception rather than the rule in later life. And when it occurs, it can be alleviated: It's a mutable psychological state. Only 30 percent of older adults feel lonely fairly frequently, according to data from the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project, the most definitive study of seniors' social circumstances and their health in the U.S.

Full Article



UCLA Alzheimer's Awareness Group Takes on Loneliness in Seniors Alzheimer's disease has become one of the largest health care crises in the world, and with the aging population soaring, there also are more older people dealing with loneliness than ever before. One nonprofit organization has found a solution to help seniors with Alzheimer's and other dementias socialize with college students – with an intent to connect with seniors aging at home.


Full Article



Culture Change Network of Georgia Advisory Group Meeting

CCNG advisory group 2017 meetings
August 11 at the Alzheimer's Association
October 27 at Lenbrook in Buckhead


Watch for information and materials.




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Adult Day Services (GADSA)




Compliance date for HCBS Settings Rule Extended to 2022

CMS released a public notice on May 9, 2017, announcing that the deadline for states to be in compliance with the HCBS rule standards will be extended from March 17, 2019, to March 17, 2022. LeadingAge is pleased to hear that CMS has responded to concerns addressed by the states and stakeholder groups, such as LeadingAge by extending the compliance date.

Full Article



2017 GADSA Leadership Team

President: Claire Russell, The Homeplace

Vice-Presidents Public Policy: Ned Morgens, Skylark Senior Care;
Aysha Cooper, SarahCare of Snellville

Vice-Presidents of Members: Georgia Gunter, Adult Day of Dunwoody;
Carla Jones, Rosswoods; Peggy Padgett, Georgia Infirmary Adult Day Health

GA Association of Activity Professionals










2017 GAAP Extravaganza

Join us on July 21, 2017 for the 2017 GAAP Summer Leadership Symposium & Extravaganza. This year's theme is "The Roaring Twenties."


Click HERE to register


The decade beginning with 1920 in the United States is commonly referred to as the Roaring Twenties because it was a time of celebration and advancement. The term "roaring" speaks to the loud, exciting and exuberant events of the era. We all certainly want the lives of our Elders to be "exciting and exuberant" so please join us as we explore how to encourage living life as a celebration!



2017 GAAP Leadership Team

President: Scott Bassett (Philips Tower, Decatur)
Vice-President: Laura Jones (Briarcliff Oaks; Atlanta)
Membership: Melissa Scott-Walter (A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab; Atlanta)
Program/Education: Liana Sisco (Lutheran Towers; Atlanta)
NAAP Liaison: Wendy Boyd (The Gardens at Calvary; Columbus)


News Throughout the Spectrum of Aging Services

Federally Assisted Housing (HUD-Subsidized)

LeadingAge Launches Affordable Housing Campaign
LeadingAge launched a campaign Monday targeting the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Section 202 Housing for the Elderly program. The campaign, Save HUD 202, focuses on preventing cuts to HUD 202, maintaining 100% funding for people currently served by affordable housing and expanding funding to create new affordable housing for older adults.

Full Article


2017 Income Limits for HUD and Tax Credit Programs
Beginning with FY 2010 Income Limits published on May 14, 2010, HUD eliminated its long standing "hold harmless" policy but limited all annual decreases to five percent and all annual increases to the greater of five percent or twice the change in the national median family income (MFI). HUD has maintained these limits to increases and decreases in income limits for FY 2017. For FY 2017 income limits, the national MFI for the United States for FY 2017 is $68,000, an increase of 3.5 percent compared to the national MFI for FY 2016. Twice this change is greater than five percent, so this higher value is used as the cap on increases, or seven percent. This year, the new FY2017 Income limits are effective immediately for HUD's multifamily housing program.

Full Article


Low-Income Housing Tax Credits: Meeting the Demand for Affordable Rental Housing
The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) is the federal government's main way for producing affordable rental housing. LIHTC provides $8 billion in annual budget authority to state and local housing agencies to help create new and rehabilitated rental housing for low-income households. The program has also generated over 3 million housing units since its inception.


To read more about this program from the AARP Public Policy Institute, click here


How Universities Are Making a Case for Senior Housing
Several universities have made inroads lately in educating students about senior living as a career path. Programs at Washington State University, the University of Southern California, and George Mason University have all established curricula to inform students about senior housing and care. And while it is no stranger to senior living after having established a Center for Healthy Aging two years ago, one university is taking its interest in senior housing a step further with a major push to educate the public about the options, costs and considerations around senior living.

Full Article


Housing is 'Lynchpin to Aging Well,' Hearing Witness Tells Aging Committee
If the United States wants to become more age-friendly, it must do a better job of addressing the affordable housing needs of older Americans, Cathy A. Bollinger, managing director of Embracing Aging, a program of the York County Community Foundation in Pennsylvania, told members of the Senate Special Committee on Aging at a hearing May 17th.

Full Article


Providers Get Less, Residents Pay More Under Trump HUD Request

Overall, President Trump's fiscal year 2018 (FY18) budget request for the Department of Housing and Urban Development would cut funding by more than 15% compared to HUD's enacted funding level for fiscal year 2017 (FY17).


Full Article


Home and Community Based Services

Compliance Date for HCBS Settings Rule Extended to 2022
CMS released a public notice on May 9, 2017 announcing that the deadline for states to be in compliance with the HCBS rule standards will be extended from March 17, 2019 to March 17, 2022. The rule went into effect on March 17, 2014. LeadingAge is pleased to hear that CMS has responded to concerns addressed by the states and stakeholder groups, such as LeadingAge by extending the compliance date. However, we continue to emphasize the need for more practical guidance from CMS so states and other stakeholders can implement the regulatory provisions in a manner compliant with program requirements, without producing unintended consequences that will reduce the
number of Assisted Living and Adult Day Centers providing Medicaid HCBS, as well as the service options available for older adults and persons with disabilities.

Full Article


Hospice Rule Proposes Payment Increase and Additional Quality Requirements
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released [CMS-1675-P] Medicare Program; FY 2018 Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update and Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements proposed rule to update the hospice payment rates for fiscal year 2018, adds new quality measures and provides an update on the hospice quality reporting program (HQRP), solicits comments on the clinical certification of a medical prognosis of a life expectancy of six months or less, outlines new data collection mechanisms under consideration, including the Hospice Evaluation & Assessment Reporting Tool (HEART) and delineates the requirements for the Hospice CAHPS Survey for the FY 2020, FY 2021, and FY 2022 annual payment updates.

Full Article


Language Barriers in Home Health Put Patient Outcomes at Risk
A lack of diverse language skills among the home care workforce is putting patients with limited English proficiency at risk, according to a recent study. Language gaps with their caregivers put some people at higher risk of adverse events, higher risks of 30-day readmissions, and longer length of stay in both inpatient and emergency room settings, research from the New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing (NYU Meyers) shows.

Full Article


Hospice Rule Proposes Payment Increase and Additional Quality Requirements
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released [CMS-1675-P] Medicare Program; FY 2018 Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update and Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements proposed rule to update the hospice payment rates for fiscal year 2018.

Full Article


State Officials Request More Power to Crack Down on Home Care
More than two-dozen state attorneys general are pushing for more power and funds to monitor home care quality. They penned a letter to Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price urging changes to policies around using Medicaid funds to investigate alleged abuse or neglect in the home environment.


Full Article



Nursing Care/Rehab

CMS Proposes New SNF Case-Mix
CMS contracted with Acument, LLC to identify and evaluate possible alternatives to the existing SNF prospective payment system (PPS) therapy reimbursement model and in a subsequent contract modification, the scope of the project expanded to develop alternatives to the SNF PPS case-mix adjustment methodology in its entirety. The impetus for this work is to respond to criticisms by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) that payment is determined primarily by the number of therapy minutes provided as opposed to the wide range of clinical characteristics that influence the relative resource use of SNF residents. LeadingAge offered feedback to the research project as it progressed through participation on several technical expert panels. Summaries of those sessions are available from CMS.

Full Article


CMS Asks for Changes to Revised Requirements of Participation that would Reduce Burden on Providers
In a proposed rule regarding nursing home payment and other issues published today in the Federal Register, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), also requested comments from stakeholders about possible changes to the revised Requirements of Participation (RoPs) for nursing homes. In its rationale underlying the request for comments, CMS noted concerns expressed by stakeholders regarding the cost and regulatory burden associated with the provisions of the final revised RoPs rule promulgated last October.

Full Article


CMS Asks for Changes to Revised Requirements of Participation that would Reduce Burden on Providers
In a proposed rule regarding nursing home payment and other issues published May 4th in the Federal Register, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), also requested comments from stakeholders about possible changes to the revised Requirements of Participation (RoPs) for nursing homes. In its rationale underlying the request for comments, CMS noted concerns expressed by stakeholders regarding the cost and regulatory burden associated with the provisions of the final revised RoPs rule promulgated last October.

Full Article


Safety Program Helped cut SNF Infection Rates by More than 50%
The rate of catheter-associated urinary tract infections fell by 54% for a cohort of longterm care facilities that took part in a patient safety program, according to research published May 19th. The Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, or CUSP, was rolled out in more than 400 nursing homes in 38 states between 2014 and 2016.

Full Article

General Notes of Interest

More Older Couples Are 'Shacking Up' In many ways, the life that Karen Kanter and Stan Tobin share in Philadelphia sounds entirely typical. Both 75, they happily see movies and plays together, visit children and grandchildren, try new restaurants (but avoid sushi). Mr. Tobin, an accountant who maintains a small tax practice, makes time for a monthly men's group. A retired middleschool teacher, Ms. Kanter hustles between book and art appreciation groups while volunteering and writing a historical novel.

Full Article


Baby Boomers Join 'Aging-at-Home Villages' for Yoga, Happy Hour, Cooking Classes and Biking First came "villages," hyper-local groups created by aging neighbors to build a greater sense of community and help each other grow old at while remaining at home. These nonprofit groups arranged volunteer drivers, household helpers, social events and, in some cases, kept lists of reliable professionals, including plumbers, roofers, estate lawyers and even art appraisers. Now, 15 years and some 220 villages after the first one was born in Boston, a move is afoot to woo and welcome the active 50+ set.

Full Article


CMS Issues Final Rule to Delay Some Bundled Payment Models The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized a rule to delay the implementation of some bundled payment models. The final rule, posted to the Federal Register on May 19, 2017, pushes back the expansion of the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Model, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Incentive Payment Model and the care coordination models. CMS proposed the delay at the end of March.

Full Article


Assisted Living Hospice Care, HCBS, Medicaid make OIG List Assisted living hospice care, Medicaid personal care services, home- and communitybased services waiver programs and Medicaid data are four topics that made the top 25 list included in the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General's "2017 Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations."

Full Article


Final CBO analysis: Healthcare Bill Would Cut $834 Billion from Medicaid The version of the American Health Care Act passed by the House earlier this month would cut Medicaid spending by $834 billion over ten years, according to an analysis published May 24th by the Congressional Budget Office. The report shows less significant Medicaid cuts than the initial $880 billion estimated by the CBO's March analysis of an earlier version of the bill.

Full Article


Intergenerational Friendships Under One Roof At Masonicare, a life plan community in Wallingford, CT, residents are often seen
socializing and laughing with their peers. Opportunities for engagement are robust. Residents receive invitations to participate in events that seek to build and nurture meaningful connections with one another. In February 2016, an unusual invitation went out: Residents were asked to attend a gathering where they would be introduced to a group of people from outside Masonicare—people who were looking to meet and develop new friendships. On the day of the event, the energy in the room was contagious; participants hit it off famously, despite having just met.

Full Article


Influx of Elderly Patients Forces ER To Practice Comfort Care A man sobbed in a New York emergency room. His elderly wife, who suffered from advanced dementia, had just had a breathing tube stuck down her throat. He knew she never would have wanted that. Now he had to decide whether to reverse the lifesustaining treatment that medics had begun. Dr. Kei Ouchi, then a resident at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, had no idea what to say. The husband, who had cared for his wife for the past 10 years, knew her condition had declined so much that she wouldn't want a heroic rescue. But when Ouchi offered to take out the tube, the man cried more: "She's breathing. How can we stop that?"

Full Article


Joint LeadingAge, UMass Research Center will Tackle Workforce Issues, SNF Quality LeadingAge is teaming up with the Gerontology Institute at the University of
Massachusetts-Boston for a new research center focused on improving aspects of longterm services and supports, the groups announced on May 23rd . The LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston will be the first research-focused center in the nation to harness academic research along with provider and long-term care consumer perspectives. Issues on the table for the center will include nursing home quality, workforce challenges, and LTSS financing.

Full Article


Don't Get Hacked: How to Protect Senior Living from Cyber Crime The global "ransomware" cyber-attack taking place in 150 countries around the world serves as a reminder: 21st-century technology is reinventing senior living in positive ways, but creating new risks as well. Even before the massive attack was launched last Friday, targeting health care organizations among many others, smart providers were implementing strategies to beef up safeguards and taking steps to prevent future breaches.

Full Article


Job Mart

Client Administration & Communications Coordinator - Personal Care, Inc.

See full job description at:


CNA/CMA - Park Springs

See full job description at:


Life Engagement Counselor - Park Springs

See full job description at:


Homemakers - Park Springs

See full job description at:


Maintenance Tech - Park Springs

See full job description at:


Property Manager - Big Bethel Village

See full job description at:


Security Guard - Park Springs

See full job description at:


Servers - Park Springs

See full job description at:


Service Coordinator - Briarcliff Oaks

See full job description at:


Utility - Park Springs

See full job description at:




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