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Inside Your Association - LeadingAge Georgia

LeadingAge Georgia is the statewide association of over 150 key not-for-profit and other mission-focused organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, health care, community-based and other related services for older Georgians. The mission of LeadingAge Georgia is to represent and promote the common interests of its members through leadership, advocacy, education and other services in order to enhance each member's ability to serve older Georgians.



Conversations with Ginny

"What'll Ya Have? What'll Ya Have?" Varsity

If you grace the doors of the Varsity, one of Atlanta's best known and often revered institutions, you will always be greeted at the counter with a chorus of "what'll you have!" The Varsity celebrates sixty years this August and while the infamous home of the "naked dog, yellow dog and walk a dog," has some things that never change, like their greeting and their lingo for frosted Varsity Orange (F.O.), they also have several things to brag about. Through the years, they've not only had loyal customers, they've had loyal employees including some who have worked there fifty plus years! They survived the depression, they've had visitors like Clark Gable who was there during the premier of Gone with the Wind in 1939, they've served multiple presidents and a beloved member of the Varsity was tapped to carry the torch during the 1996 Olympics. They've adapted with the times like adding a parking deck when the City of Atlanta took a chunk of their parking and they hoisted a giant high-tech sign of a V along their property keeping the Varsity on the minds of the 200,000 plus individuals who drive by their site along the interstate every day.

At LeadingAge Georgia we too want to know "what'll you have?" We partnered with our national association and asked for your input regarding concerns that should shape our future public policy direction on the national level. See the Town Hall Conversation Recap in the newsletter. This week, we also sent out a survey to ask you what your concerns are for the elders you serve and how we might address the concerns through public policy/advocacy on the State level. Please take the time and fill out this very important survey. If you haven't already filled it out, click here, fill it out and tell us what'll you have.

Expect a couple more short but important surveys to come your way to get your input on what LeadingAge Georgia should be doing to address the workforce shortage and what we should be doing to foster the use of technology for our members and those you serve. All of the nation-wide experts say that older adults want access to technology so they can stay connected to family and friends. We know it will play a greater role in the future for tele-health so we need to get a pulse on where are members are – what percent have Wi-Fi access, what are those you serve asking for in terms of technology and what are the training needs to help older adults "be connected" and less isolated.


You know best what you and the elders you serve need, so when surveys come your way, please take a few minutes to fill them out. I promise we'll keep the surveys short and we'll use the information to pursue legislation, policy and grant opportunities for you and those you serve.




We Need You

We've all heard the saying "it takes a village" and when it comes to enhancing the lives of older adults, LeadingAge Georgia members are the village! We are the trusted voice for aging, we create opportunities to better serve elders and we are responsible guardians for our field. Together, we're working to improve the workforce and to enhancing the well-being of those we serve. We have important work to do. If you haven't yet sent in your 2018 dues, please send them in and continue your support of our association. Your village needs you. If you have already sent them in, thank you for being a vital part of the village.


Take Advantage of Mental Health First Aid Classes As our society becomes more aware of the nation-wide mental health crisis, we're seeing efforts to address the needs of individuals with mental health concerns. There is a national goal to train one million individuals in Mental Health First Aid so that when someone has a mental health crisis there are individuals who can help them – much like individuals trained in CPR can save the life of someone having a heart attack. A number of our members have taken the course and are better prepared to help individuals in crisis – but a large number of our members have not yet taken advantage of this important training. Fortunately for LeadingAge Georgia members, this training is available in Georgia through our valued partner, Alliant Health Solutions. We have a Mental Health First Aid course scheduled for July 12th at Mauldin & Jenkins located at 200 Galleria Parkway. Click here to register.


If you are interested in hosting a Mental Health First Aid course please contact Jacque Thornton at Alternatively, if you would like to attend the course on September 11th or November 7th at the Alliant Health Solutions, Inc. office located at 1455 Lincoln Parkway, please contact Ashley Washington at For more information about the Mental Health First Aid USA for Public Safety course, click here:



We All Need to Care About Medicare By Ginny Helms


The Associated Press sounded an alarm this week when they reported that Medicare will run out of money sooner than expected and will become insolvent in 2026. If unaddressed, this will bring devastation to Americans, wiping out savings and retirement accounts. Tackling the overhaul of a payment system for long-term care is an overwhelming thought to most people but LeadingAge is leading the way, championing a solution with the Medicare Long-Term Care Services and Supports Act of 2018. The legislation calls for long-term care services to be provided through a Medicare Part A benefit. To get up to speed on the Act click here:

To read the full Associated Press article about Medicare becoming insolvent in 2026, click here: We all need to be part of ensuring the viability of Medicare.



2018 Profiles of Positive Aging Honoree Entry Form

You're invited to experience an inspiring event with your colleagues and community heroes & heroines for the sixth annual Profiles of Positive Aging Awards Gala. This event is intended to unveil the beautiful truths about aging. On November 4, 2018 (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm), we'll pay tribute to Elders who have changed our lives, achieved a positive aging lifestyle, and continue to give of their tremendous talents and wisdom across our great state and nation.

The Profiles of Positive Aging Gala is designed to support the educational arm of LeadingAge Georgia, the Georgia Institute on Aging. The purpose of the Institute is to provide affordable, quality professional development for individuals working in the field of aging. Currently, the Institute provides education to over 1300 professionals, via 25-30 events each year, who are dedicated to providing the best care and services to older Georgians.


A Profile of Positive Aging honors someone who IS CURRENTLY MAKING a difference in your community, your organization, and/or our state/society. It is the gift of legacy. By recognizing someone who exemplifies Positive Aging, you honor those who are standing on the shoulders of years of wisdom and positive aging experiences, who have lived life to the fullest and inspire us by their examples.


Honorees will participate in this special Awards Gala to be held in their honor on November 5, 2018 at the annual "Profiles of Positive Aging Gala". Profiles submitted by August 31, 2018 to the Association office will be evaluated. Elders will be featured along with the 2018 Icon in Positive Aging.


Register your honoree by downloading the entry form or complete the nomination by submitting a brief profile of the individual at:


Value First


Good Housekeeping


►How much does your community spend on janitorial and housekeeping supplies? Do you know if you are getting the best prices?
A cost study is an excellent management tool for determining if you are getting competitive pricing for what you purchase. From paper towels to cleaning chemicals, LeadingAge's group purchasing organization, Value First, can compare what you are currently paying to pricing available through the GPO. Your community's janitorial supplies distributor may already be affiliated with Value First. To do a cost study, you provide the list of items you want to compare. Value First does the analysis.


►Does your community use a different group purchasing organization for janitorial supplies?


Even if you are purchasing through a group purchasing organization other than Value First, Value First can do a cost study for you. The primary goal is to work with LeadingAge members to make sure they are getting the best pricing—with Value First or through other sources.


►Not sure if you want to use Value First for housekeeping supplies?


The choice is yours. You can continue with your current arrangement. Or, if the cost study results indicate potential savings, you can consider purchasing through Value First. This is your GPO!

►How do you request a cost study for your community?


Contact Value First representative Vanessa Ceasar at Call (404) 421-3956 or click HERE.

Value First is a group purchasing organization owned by LeadingAge national and twenty five state associations, including LeadingAge Georgia. Value First is designed to leverage the buying power of thousands of senior service providers across the country to get the best pricing on a comprehensive array of products and services.




New Members

Choate Construction
Steele Fortune
8200 Roberts Drive Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30350


Occupied Renovations

Amy Antenen

6730 Jones Mill Court

Norcross, GA 30092





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Calendar Information


To assist with planning, we are sharing information
on special holidays and observances for each month
2 months early.


This month we are sending you information for August



August 5 Friendship Day

August 19 National Aviation Day

August 21 Senior Citizen's Day

August 26 Women's Equality Day



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Public Policy

LeadingAge Georgia Public Policy Report

By Tom Bauer, LeadingAge Georgia Policy Advisor


Many people tend to think of advocacy in terms of the General Assembly, but in fact the executive branch, which carries out state laws and "puts meat on the skeleton" (i.e.,provides rules and regulation with greater detail to carry out state laws and programs), is equally important. Since May is a traditionally slow month for public policy, this month's report will focus on two key state agencies which greatly affect seniors: the Georgia Departments of Community Health (DCH) and Human Services (DHS) respectively.


Department of Community Health (DCH)

DCH, whose commissioner is Tim Berry, is important because it administers both the Medicaid program (health coverage for low income individuals) and through the Division of Healthcare Facility Regulation enforces regulation of institutional care, such as that provided in nursing homes, assisted living communities, and personal care homes.


Most seniors served by Medicaid fall under Long Term Services and Supports (once called Aged, Blind and Disabled). This includes both the institutional care mentioned above and "home and community based services" (HCBS) through "waiver" programs. Under such programs the requirement to receive institutional care is "waived" in order for the individual to receive HCBS. Examples of HCBS are:

  • Adult Day Centers
  • Nutrition (e.g., congregate meals or home meals (aka "meals on wheels")
  • Case management
  • Emergency Response
  • Home Health
  • Homemaker services
  • Personal Care (,e.g. assistance with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation)

Such services are provided under two similar waiver programs:

  • Community Care Services Program (CCSP)
  • Services Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE)

While the two programs are similar, there are some differences. SOURCE recipients must be eligible for SSI, receive a primary care physician, and does not generally have a waiting list as is the case with CCSP. Under both programs a person must be assessed as functionally in need of skilled nursing (nursing home) services to be eligible for HCBS.


The Medicaid program also includes Non Emergency Transportation (NET) to Medicaid recipients who need transportation to medical and health services such as adult day centers, pharmacies, dialysis, and doctor appointments. NET is administered by two brokers on a managed care basis, and LeadingAge has an ongoing dialogue with DCH concerning NET issues, some of which have been resolved due to LeadingAge advocacy.


Department of Human Services (DHS)

DHS, whose commissioner is Robyn Crittenden, also provides many services to seniors and administers the Georgia Alzheimer's and Related Dementia Plan (GARD).


While the DHS Divison of Aging Services (DAS), whose director is Abby Cox, administered the Community Care Services Program before its transfer to DHS, Aging Services still has multiple programs, many funded through the federal Older Americans Act. DAS contracts with area agencies on Aging (AAAs) which contract with local service providers to deliver services to seniors, including non-Medicaid HCBS. The list of programs under DAS includes:

  • Adult Protective Services (reporting of abuse, neglect or exploitation of disabled adults or elder persons who are not residents of nursing homes or personal care homes)
  • Aging and Disability Resource Connection (streamlines access to long-term care by serving as a one-stop-shop for consumers' aging and disability-related information)
  • Caregiving (e.g. adult day care, respite)
  • Elder Rights & Advocacy Programs
  • Home & Community-Based Services Program (non Medicaid)
  • Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

In the past, LeadingAge Georgia worked with the Department of Community Health to re-write adult day, personal care home and assisted living regulations. We're always interested in working with these agencies to get changes made that you feel will better meet the needs of the elders you serve.

If you have an issue that you think needs to be addressed regarding services provided by the Department of Community Health or the Department of Human Services, please contact Ginny Helms at and Tom Bauer at


Georgia Institute on Aging










14th Long Term & Post Acute Care (LTPAC) Health IT Summit
Technology Connecting the Healthcare Eco-System

June 24-26, 2018




Mental Health First Aid

July 12, 2018



GAAP Summer Symposium
July 20, 2018



Fair Housing & Ethics Symposia

July 25, 2018





Leadership Academy Fourth Event

August 15, 2018


Maintenance Professionals Forum

August 29, 2018

Registration coming soon




Dementia & Mental Health Symposium

September 13, 2018

Registration coming soon


Culture Change Summit

September 27, 2018

Registration coming soon




Center for Positive Aging Golf Tournament Fundraiser

October 8, 2018

Registration Brochure


Leadership Academy Fifth Event

October 10, 2018


Adult Day Services Symposium

October 19, 2018

Registration coming soon


LeadingAge National Conference

October 28-31, 20018
Philadelphia Convention Center (Georgia Night Dinner TBA)



Profiles of Positive Aging Gala

November 4, 2018

Information coming soon



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Center for Positive Aging







City of Atlanta Snack & Learn Sessions

The City of Atlanta's Department of Parks and Recreation will host its' annual Senior Summer Camp June 4th through July 20th. During this time, they are offering seniors a series of life enrichment sessions called SNACK & LEARN.


Four times each week, there will be an opportunity for seniors to learn about an issue or service that will help enhance the quality of their lives. If you have a product/service/issue that you would like to share with seniors in Atlanta, you are invited to participate. SNACK & LEARN sessions will be offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday mornings at 11:00 am. Each session should last 30-40 minutes. Monday and Friday sessions are offered at C.A. Scott and Zaban locations. Tuesday and Wednesday sessions are offered at Old Adamsville & Rev. James Orange recreation facilities. Time slots will be assigned in the order that the requests are received.


For more info contact Magdalene Womack Anderson @ 404.546.7129




Putting Health First

June is an exciting month ... summer officially arrives, we celebrate Father's Day and most importantly we promote Men's Health Month! Recently I read a U.S. Census Report that concluded slightly more men are born than women. However, it went on to state that as we age, men die at a 2:1 rate of women! As we celebrate Father's Day, please be encouraged to do something to engage the men in your life, during Men's Health Month. We want our men to be healthy, happy, and around for the long haul! Let's provide support and encourage our men to lead healthier lives!


One of my contributions to the quest of helping men lead healthier, happy lifestyles is our hike for 'older' men. What better way than to be in the great outdoors while enjoying social time with some wonderful people. The hike from Unicoi State Park to the mountain town of Helen, an Alpine Village known for its Bavarian-style building designs is wonderful. We have lunch at the Gazebo in downtown Helen and enjoy the sights before we return. Our free monthly hikes are held on the first Saturday of every month and open to everyone. Our motto is "We are as fast as the slowest person." For more information, go to the Monthly Hikes page at


I have been participating in various Senior Games and Olympics for almost 20 years. Growing up, my participation in any sports activity was very limited, as in next to none. I was introduced to Senior Women's Basketball at age 50. Our coach, now age 87 recently fell down his basement stairs and had to have brain surgery as a result of hitting his head in the fall. I last saw him, before his fall, at the 2017 World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. I am happy to add he is doing exceptionally well now. He has overcome bouts with colon and prostate cancer through his years after age 50. His doctors are always amazed at his astonishing rate of recovery. They all have conceded it is attributed to his active and healthy lifestyle. There is a moral to this story!


With that said, I want to share that the Georgia Golden Games/Olympics registration is now open. This non-profit organization is celebrating 36 years. It's primary purpose is to promote healthy active lifestyles of men and women age 50 and older. Currently, as a member of the planning committee, my commitment it to help expand participation as we bring people together for fun, fitness and friendly competition. No matter your level of ability, there is something for you. From my personal experiences, you are guaranteed to have fun, meet new friends and have an impactful positive life experience. Get more information about the Georgia Golden Games at their website:


As seasoned adults, let's make a commitment to enjoy the spices of life and encourage friends, neighbors and family members to join in the many fun, active and social events that are happening in our communities!


I close with … to enable active participation, we must have a healthy diet. June is also Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month promoted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Here is a helpful, healthy hint: Buying in season not only gives you the healthiest choices, it saves you money! Here is a link to a page that lists the seasons of many fruits and vegetables:

Happy June!
Our JUST WALK! a Walk with a Doc program is up and running weekly ... weather permitting .... every Wednesday morning at 10:00a.m.. Don't want to walk alone, or would love to meet other health-minded people. Join us. All you have to do is show up. We have water and healthy snacks available. We are as fast as the slowest person, so no need to feel you must keep up with others. We stroll the wonderful PATH Foundation South Peachtree Creek Trail at Mason Mill Park in Decatur, GA. A Special Shout Out to our sponsor AARP Georgia!
For more information visit


Carolyn L. Hartfield, Guest Contributor

Carolyn's experience in the health and wellness arena started when she opened her first health food store in 1985 and expanded it to 4 locations. She received her Health Coach certificate from Emory University. She is a 2016 recipient of the LeadingAge Georgia Profiles in Positive Aging Award, representing AARP. She is a National Senior Games (NSG) Athlete earning numerous gold and silver medals; she is featured in the 2017 National Senior Games Non-Ambulatory Athlete Exercise Videos; featured on the TV News Magazine for Baby Boomers 50Plus Prime; she was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) newspaper; the cover story for the GirlFriends Lifestyle - A Women's Guide to Healthy Living Magazine, Special Edition for the White House Conference on Aging; and interviewed for various other media outlets. She is the founder of Hartfield's Hikers, Older People with Active Lifestyles (OPALs), Atlanta African American Baby Boomers and the Walk Outdoors for Wellness! (WOW!) program. For more information visit or send Carolyn an email at




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Culture Change News


2018 CCNG Advisory Group Meeting Dates & Update

Friday, August 24, 2018 | 9:30am – noon | Location: TBA
Friday, October 12, 2018 | 9:30am – noon | Location: TBA


Adult Day Services (GADSA)



Adult Day Services Symposium: SAVE THE DATE

October 19, 2018
Information coming soon


2017 GADSA Leadership Team

President: Claire Russell, The Homeplace

Vice-Presidents Public Policy: Ned Morgens, Skylark Senior Care;
Aysha Cooper, SarahCare of Snellville

Vice-Presidents of Members: Carla Jones, Rosswoods; Peggy Padgett, Georgia Infirmary Adult Day Health



GA Association of Activity Professionals




2018 Training Events

GAAP Summer Symposium: "When Pinterest Doesn't Match Your Budget"
Pinterest is a wonderful resource for lovely and creative party planning ideas. As activity & wellness life enrichment professionals, our goal is to plan so much more than lovely parties--we want to create opportunities of purposeful engagement. What would a Pinterest party look like through the lens of well-being? Please join us on July 20, 2018 from 9-3:30 p.m. as we flip our perspective on activities into events of purposeful engagement with the residents/clients we serve throughout our communities. As part of our summer symposium, a graphic recorder will be joining us for this interactive activity planning experience. Prepare to be inspired!


Who should attend: novice, intermediate and pro activity, wellness, and life enrichment professionals.

CEUs: 5.5 Hours
Relevant topics covered during the symposium:

  • Activities (Flip or Flop)
  • The Big Reveal… How to Flip Your Event
  • Budget Friendly Activity Planning and Engagement Experiences
  • Out of Town Trips/Activity Planning & Proactive Problem Solving by aligning Activities with your Organization's Mission

Click HERE to register


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the following GAAP Leadership Team colleagues:


2018 GAAP Leadership Team

President: Scott Bassett (Philips Tower, Decatur)
Vice-President: Amanda Bennett (Campbell-Stone Sandy Springs; Atlanta)
Program/Education: Liana Sisco (Lutheran Towers; Atlanta)


So much of the success of activities professionals depends on the networking and ideas shared by those of us "in the trenches." Opportunities for collaboration with peers, in addition to the vendors and speakers, helps to expand our knowledge, our inspiration, and our personal emotional investments in our communities. Every community is different, to be able to attend events that encourage the sharing of our success stories and positive experiences, is vital for the industry as a whole.


- Amanda Bennett, Campbell-Stone Sandy Springs


Business Connection

Food is Medicine

In 431 B.C., Hippocrates, father of medicine said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Since inflammation is being considered a possible root cause of many of the medical conditions experienced by older adults – like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, understanding the role food plays in causing inflammation and which foods can help prevent inflammation is important. LeadingAge Georgia invited Jack Brill of Metz Culinary Management to provide a presentation on "Food is Medicine" to our Life Plan Community members. Kim Brenkus, MBA,RDN, Director of Leaning & Development for Metz provided a n informative presentation on Food is Medicine and gave practical guidance on which foods lower inflammation, which foods to avoid due to causing inflammation and she gave general tips to our members on foods to serve improve the health of the older adults we serve. Thank you to Jack Brill and Kim Brenkus from Metz for providing this important information.


Click here to review the Power Point from Kim's presentation.


Click here for a more in-depth article on the role of inflammation on health.





2018 Senior Living Trends

In their new 2018 Senior Living Trends white paper, CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) explores the tremendous potential for disruption within the current senior living environment, as well as the opportunities the trends present to providers. In response to this risk of disruption, senior living organizations should answer this simple question: What business are you really in? Download the white paper to understand these trends and position your organization for success in the future.

News Throughout the Spectrum of Aging Services

Assisted Living Communities/Personal Care Homes

694 Ways to Improve Services and Supports for People with Dementia
A new federal report offers 694 recommendations for conducting research to advance care and services for people living with dementia and their families. Those recommendations can also guide providers of aging services as they design and implement programs for this population, says Kirsten Jacobs, director of dementia and wellness education at LeadingAge.


The recommendations are included in a May 2018 report on the National Research Summit on Care, Services, and Supports for Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers. Several LeadingAge members served on the summit's Service Provider Stakeholder Group.


Summit recommendations span 12 themes designed to guide research investments by public and private stakeholders in the field of care, services, and supports for people living with dementia. Five of those themes are particularly relevant to LeadingAge members, says Jacobs.


Full article



Capture the Moment' is the theme for National Assisted Living Week

"Capture the Moment" will be the theme of this year's National Assisted Living Week, Sept. 9 to 15, the National Center for Assisted Living announced Thursday.


The annual observance, established by NCAL in 1995, celebrates assisted living residents and offers an opportunity for others to learn more about this sector of long-term care.


Full Article



Federally Assisted Housing (HUD-Subsidized)

What RAD for PRAC Means for Affordable Housing for Older Adults


With such a high need for affordable housing, it is critical that we preserve existing affordable housing as we also work to expand its supply.

That's particularly true for the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD's) Sec. 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly homes, a program that serves older adults with average incomes of $13,300. In fact, in some cases, such as homes built as part of the Sec. 202 program with Project Rental Assistance Contracts (PRAC), preservation has become a near form of art.


Across the United States, just over 130,000 older adults live in Sec. 202 housing built using HUD's PRAC subsidies, which became available in 1990. As of 2017, there are 125,141 PRAC-subsidized apartments in use, according to HUD.


Full Article


Home and Community Based Services

CMS Floats New Version of Pre-Claim Review for Home Health
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is seeking public input on a new proposal that would bring back the controversial pre-claim review process for home health Medicare claims. Under the new program, home health agencies (HHAs) could choose to undergo either pre-claim or post-payment reviews, or to forgo reviews but take a 25% payment reduction on all claims submitted for home health services, CMS explained in a memo issued May 29.



Life Plan Community/CCRC

More CCRCs part of larger systems now, Ziegler says

Life plan communities have become more likely to be part of larger systems and slightly less likely to be sponsored by a not-for-profit organization over the past several years, according to specialty investment bank Ziegler.


Almost 65% of life plan communities now are part of multi-site organizations, compared with 62% approximately two years ago, Lisa McCracken, director of senior living research and development at Ziegler, wrote in the company's latest Senior Living Finance Z-news newsletter. The percentage is even higher among for-profit communities, 80% of which are part of multi-site organizations, she said.


Full Article


Life plan communities thrive through connectedness

Eat well. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Keep stress to a minimum.


This is indeed sound advice when it comes to taking care of ourselves. There's something else, however, that needs to be added to this list of priorities, and that's social connectedness. Research shows that social connectedness improves physical health, mental and emotional well-being and even longevity, thereby enabling individuals and communities, including life plan communities, to thrive.


Full Article



Nursing Care/Rehab

Rehab Business Model Will Change 'Substantially' Under PDPM
Therapy companies that provide services to skilled nursing patients must radically change their business models if the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) proposed Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is finalized and takes effect next year. That doesn't mean that rehabilitation services for skilled nursing facilities will go away. But under PDPM, providers will no longer have an incentive to chase therapy minutes — and according to Brad Schopp of Integra Realty Resources, they're already scrambling to adapt.

Full Article



FY2019 SNF PPS Proposed Rule Analysis – Part III: PDPM Summary
LeadingAge staff will provide analysis on the three key aspects of the FY2019 SNF PPS proposed rule, which CMS issued April 27, 2018:

  • SNF prospective payment rates including a proposal for a new case mix methodology to replace the current RUGs-IV, called Patient-Driven Payment Model;
  • Updates to the SNF Value-Based Payment(VBP) program and Quality Reporting Program (QRP); and
  • Requests for Information on interoperability and electronic healthcare information exchange.

Full Article



Skilled Nursing Providers Need Steady Vision to Survive Value-Based Struggles
While skilled nursing operators have increasingly faced stresses related to the ongoing shift to value-based care — primarily the threat of decreased reimbursements — at least one observer says the industry hasn't seen anything yet. "You're just entering the value-based dynamic right now," Mountasser Kadrie, a health care management consultant, said during a presentation at the American College of Health Care Administrators' annual convocation in Orlando last month. "By 2019, when all the programs are online and kicking in, you have to make sure that your facility has something to do with this."

Full Article


General Notes of Interest

New law brings tougher eldercare background screening — for employees AND owners

A new law in Georgia signed by Gov. Nathan Deal (R) on May 7 will provide additional safeguards against elder abuse at long-term care facilities.


The "Georgia Long-Term Care Background Check Program" will require that owners, applicants and employees of long-term care facilities in Georgia be subject to a national fingerprint-based background check system through the FBI database. The law takes effect Oct. 1, 2019.


Full Article



Senate Committee Examines Healthcare Workforce Shortage In commending the HELP Committee for its attention to workforce issues, LeadingAge President Katie Smith Sloan stated, "This is one of the top concerns of our members in all parts of the country. In the long-term services and supports sector, the most critical workforce need is for nurses at every level of the profession and for direct care workers. Quality long-term services and supports cannot be provided without a well-qualified workforce. Regulatory requirements increasingly emphasize adequate staffing and training for long-term services and supports. To achieve excellence, providers will need a larger pool of qualified workers."

Full Article



Confessions of a Culinary Director: Senior Living Dining Staff 'Very Insecure' Even if they're turning out impressive and delicious plates of food like clockwork, chefs in senior living are probably very insecure. Chefs tend to be insecure due to the nature of their work, and knowing that should help senior living executives provide more consistent and helpful support to these teams, according to a culinary operations director with a senior living provider, who is featured in this latest installment of Senior Housing News'"Confessions" series.

Full Article


Living Well with Diabetes

We're pleased to present this month's topic, Managing Those Fidgety Legs: Restless Leg Syndrome. Characterized by pulling, creeping, throbbing, or other unpleasant sensations in the legs and an uncontrollable, and sometimes overwhelming, urge to move them, Restless Leg Syndrome may affect as much as 10-20 percent of the U.S. population. This month we will explore causes, treatments and prognosis for people suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome.

This month's resources are available here and include:

  • A short article for distribution / use in community newsletters that can be customized for your facility here
  • Talking Points that can be distributed as handouts to residents, staff & caregivers
  • Patient exercises and the Restless Leg Syndrome guide by Harvard Medical School
  • Follow-up form for distribution to residents attending the Healthy Living Series talks hosted at your facility

The Healthy Living Series (HLS) is a monthly newsletter designed to provide practical educational information and resources on older adult healthy living and health promotion for the residents, caregivers and staff in your community. HLS offers clinicians several resources including Clinician Talking Points, handouts, newsletter articles and follow-up forms for people who attend the Healthy Living Series talks you may provide at your site.



Findings on Falls and Fall Prevention from the CDC

"The first wealth is health." Ralph Waldo Emerson


With falls being one of the factors that often lead to a decline in health for older adults, it's important to be proactive in preventing falls. Linda Kluge, director of quality for Alliant GMCF and a great partner to LeadingAge Georgia provided an article about the recent study from the CDC on falls among the elderly and specific steps that can be taken to prevent falls. One of the key findings is the importance of screening for fall risks at the annual wellness visit, a free Medicare service.


Click here for information on the annual wellness visit to share with the individuals you serve:


Click here for the full article about the CDC study



Calling Millennials Caring for a Friend or Family Member

When individuals become caregivers and start looking around for long-term care services and supports, they often find a lack of affordable services. That's why LeadingAge is taking the lead on campaigning for long-term services and supports financing reform. With recognition of the capabilities of millennials, LeadingAge has launched a campaign that calls on millennials to help raise awareness about the prevalence of young caregivers ages 20-36 and the lack of affordable long-term services and supports options available to them and their families. We're calling on millennials caring for a friend or family member to sign up and show support for and build awareness of long-term services and supports financing reform. Your part is easy – sign up, take a selfie with your care partner and share it using #careandshare and dial 804-596-9846 and leave a message of up to 2 minutes sharing your experience about caring for a loved one. For more information, click here:



Senior Living Providers, Residents Have Huge Appetite for Aging Innovations

It's a misconception that seniors are resistant to change.


In fact, there's a strong appetite for innovations in technology and service delivery among both senior housing providers and the older adults they serve, recent developments indicate.


A fund targeting investment companies that are improving the aging experience—including through technology, home-based care and data analytics—has recently closed, with the backing of roughly 100 not-for-profit senior housing providers and specialty investment bank Ziegler. And a new survey from Revera, one of the largest owners and operators of senior living in North America, has revealed that seniors believe in the power of innovation to maintain their independence as they age.


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