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May 2019 Vol 18, Issue 5




LeadingAge Georgia is the statewide association of over 150 key not-for-profit and other mission-focused organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, health care, community-based and other related services for older Georgians. The mission of LeadingAge Georgia is to represent and promote the common interests of its members through leadership, advocacy, education and other services in order to enhance each member's ability to serve older Georgians.



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Inside Your Association - LeadingAge Georgia

LeadingAge Georgia is the statewide association of over 150 key not-for-profit and other mission-focused organizations dedicated to providing quality housing, health care, community-based and other related services for older Georgians. The mission of LeadingAge Georgia is to represent and promote the common interests of its members through leadership, advocacy, education and other services in order to enhance each member's ability to serve older Georgians.




Conversations with Ginny

"To be a person is to have a story to tell." Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen), author of Out of Africa

When Older Americans Month was established in 1963 there were only 17 million living Americans who had reached their 65th birthday and today there are over 46 million Americans over 65. With older adults making up a larger percentage of the population it seems that living as an older adult should be becoming a norm yet ageism is still here.

Older Americans Month gives us a great opportunity for combating ageism by shining a light on individuals who are role models of aging well and contributing to their communities. The theme that the Administration for Community Living chose for 2019 for OAM is Connect, Create, Contribute.

One great suggestion ACL has for the Connect theme is to encourage older adults to share their experiences around a theme – like an older adult who has checked off a "bucket list" item. Our member communities are fostering living well and with increased efforts to work with the media, we can be beacons for individuals who choose to embrace life after 65. So see if you have some residents who might be willing to share their bucket list with the media invite the media in to have a glimpse inside living well after 65. The Administration for Community Living's tips for story telling can be found in the Story Tips and Ideas section of their resource guide HERE.

The Administration on Aging's ideas for the Create theme for Older Americans Month reflect the evolving interests of older adults. One idea is to offer a class on computers and social media to help people become comfortable connecting online. One nice thing about these classes is once a person has learned how to navigate the internet, he or she can connect from then on with friends and family. A big thank you to BH Technologies, a LeadingAge Georgia member for offering free computer training to residents of our affordable housing members.


Perhaps one of the most compelling themes for Older Americans Month is Contribute. Isn't it refreshing that rather than "doing for" older adults, we're called to help foster ways for older adults to contribute? One way that residents can contribute is to become advocates. Being able to make a difference in the lives of others gives purpose and meaning and we need that at all ages. If you are in a HUD community, consider inviting residents to come together and watch the live LeadingAge Facebook streaming of the rally for affordable housing on Capitol Hill on May 8th from 1 to 2 pm. Whether you are in a HUD community or any other type of member community, consider planting the seed that advocacy can be a great way for residents to contribute. Engage residents on advocacy efforts that can benefit older adults.

LeadingAge has some great ideas for celebrating Older American Months. Click HERE to take a look at their suggestions.


May 6 –May 12th we celebrate National Nurses Week. We are grateful to all of the nurses who work in LeadingAge communities and agencies. Let's celebrate our dedicated and compassionate nurses through postings on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Tell their stories!

Thank you for all you do to enhance the lives of those you serve.





Older Americans Month

Older Americans Month is underway. Send us photos from your celebrations and we'll include them in our next newsletter. If you need ideas for Older Americans Month, take a look at these suggestions from LeadingAge national. Click HERE for activity ideas.



Snapshot of State Legislation Related to Aging Services

Ruth Katz, our public policy leader and her team at LeadingAge national did a fantastic job giving us a snapshot of state legislation across the country. Some of the legislation is great, some states have seen cuts in funding in long-term care and some are seeing staffing requirements that may be difficult to meet. If you want to keep up with what's going on across the country click HERE.



National Member Survey Coming Your Way in June

LeadingAge will be launching a biennial survey of members across the nation in June. The surveys will come in the mail so please be on the lookout for the survey and make sure your organization responds. This survey is important because as Katie Sloan, our president says "LeadingAge wants to understand our members so we can serve them better." Additionally, important baseline information will help provide data that can be used for a myriad of uses including driving policy issues. For more information about the survey click HERE.


Mark Your Calendar for the Collaborative Care & Health IT Innovations Summit

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of health IT, plan to attend the Collaborative Care & Health IT Innovations Summit, formerly known as Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) Health IT Summit. This is the premiere health IT conference for executives and information technology leaders from LTPAC sector, as well as acute care providers, payers, and technology vendors serving the older adult and individuals with chronic conditions throughout the continuum of healthcare. The summit will be held on June 23-25 in Baltimore, Maryland. Click here for more information.



FY 2019 Income Limits for HUD

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine eligibility for assisted housing programs including the Public Housing, Section 8 project-based, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Section 202 housing for the elderly, and Section 811 housing for persons with disabilities programs. HUD develops income limits based on Median Family Income estimates and Fair Market Rent area definitions for each metropolitan area, parts of some metropolitan areas, and each non-metropolitan county. Click HERE for FY 2019 Income Limits



National's Take on the New CMS Focus Plan to Ensure Quality Care in Nursing Homes

Thankfully, LeadingAge national is outstanding in public policy. They are effective listeners with our members, they understand what quality care means and advocate for it, they're great at helping to formulate policy, they're at the table to discuss policy issues with national agencies and legislators and they communicate on point with the media for issues that need to be addressed. For all of these reasons, it's worthwhile to take a look at national's pulse on the new CMS Plan for Nursing Home Quality Care. Be assured that national will be engaged as the plan comes down the pike.



Hazardous Medications: Delivery to Disposal Nursing homes will have to come under new regulations for the handling of hazardous medications. To learn how to how EPA regulations and USP800 guidelines will affect the handling of hazardous medications from receipt to destruction in long-term care settings join the LeadingAge webcast on Wednesday, May 15 2-3 p.m. ET. The goals of the updated EPA regulations and USP800 guideline recommendations are to promote patient and personnel safety in relation to the handling of hazardous medications. It will require significant changes to current policies and procedures for hospice providers, nursing homes and the nursing and skilled nursing care portions of life plan communities. If you join the webcast you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the EPA regulations regarding the destruction of hazardous medications; recognize the components of the USP800 guidelines that apply to your setting and be able to identify best practices to promote safe handling of hazardous medications by staff.


Click HERE to register. The cost is $99 for members and $198 for non-members.



Valuing Employees, Managing Risks

Ever wonder what the top law suit payouts are for in long-term care and how these costs can be contained? The 2018 Aging Services Claim Report provided by CNA, tells the top claims categories and how employees can help manage risks. To access the report visit this page.



Crossing the Line: Navigating PDPM Therapy Rate Contracting

by John Harned, BKD CPAs & Advisors


If you've ever driven on a long trip, odds are you've experienced your car straying past the highway's center or outer lines. You know the feeling—the tires roll over rumble strips and emit that unnerving sound, or worse, lead the car toward a cement barricade. Such close calls remind us these safety implements are present to warn and protect the driver and passengers.


Choosing your contract rate with your therapy company may seem as scary as crossing the centerline of a busy highway at rush hour—and one wouldn't be hard-pressed to find providers who share this sentiment. In making your rate determination, take comfort in knowing similar safety mechanisms are available to help mitigate risk to your organization.


Full Article



Dementia Action Alliance 2019 Reimagining Dementia Care Conference

The 2019 DAA conference is scheduled for June 20-22nd at the Westin in Buckhead. There is a one day dementia intensive with a LeadingAge Georgia favorite, Al Power, MD. Speakers for the conference include Pia Kontos, PHd, a senior scientist with Toronto Rehabilitation, G. Allen Power, Geriatrician, author and educator and Kate Swaffer, MS, activist, author living with dementia and chair of the Dementia Alliance International. The conference will include an arts festival and a Living Well Tech Expo. Scholarships in the amount of $1000 are available for nursing home staff including those in life plan communities. For more information about the conference and to register click HERE.


Internship Wanted

Shatiba Butler, a student who lives in Marietta and is earning a Community Health degree from the University of Alabama is seeking an internship in a long-term care community sometime between August and May. If you are interested in speaking with her regarding the internship please reach out to her at 470-318-7563 or

Georgia Institute on Aging











Older Americans Month


Aging Well Expo

May 14, 2019




Life Plan Communities/CCRC Symposium

May 16, 2019

Please contact to register





No events in June




Mental Health First Aid with Older Adult Module

July 9, 2019
Registration coming soon


Fair Housing & Ethics Symposia

July 17, 2019
Registration coming soon


Workforce Summit

July 22, 2019

Registration coming soon




Technology & Aging Summit

August 20, 2019

Registration coming soon


Activity Professionals/GAAP Summer Symposium

August 23, 2019

Registration coming soon


Maintenance Professionals Forum

Date TBD




Leadership Academy Fourth Event

September 11, 2019


Dementia & Mental Health Symposium

September 12, 2019

Information coming soon


Eden Associate 3-Day Certification

September 17-19, 2019


Coaching Supervision

Septermber 20, 2019

Information coming soon




Culture Change Summit

October 3, 2019

Information coming soon


Leadership Academy Fifth Event

October 9, 2019


Center for Positive Aging Golf Tournament Fundraiser

October 14, 2019


Eden Associate 3-Day Certification

October 15-17, 2019


Adult Day Services Symposium

October 18, 2019




Profiles of Positive Aging

November 10, 2019


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