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LeadingAge Georgia (formerly Aging Services of Georgia) is an association representing a diverse group of not-for-profit and other mission-driven senior care providers with distinct constituent groups: adult day services, home & community-based services, senior retirement housing, assisted living communities, continuing care retirement communities, nursing homes and hospice care.

These providers are committed to advancing the vision of healthy, affordable and ethical long-term care for older Georgians. Because of its broad membership that cuts across multiple areas of long term care, member's perspectives may at times vary. Association policies and public policy positions, particularly involving controversial issues, will be developed through a thoughtful, open and deliberative process that allows input from all members.

All LeadingAge Georgia's public policy positions and initiatives are designed to assist our members in achieving their central goal of providing high quality care and services in a cost-effective manner. Our public policy positions and initiatives are consistent with the Association's Guiding Principles for the full array of aging services as approved by the Board of Directors.

Guiding Legislative Principles for the Continuum of Aging Services

LeadingAge Georgia will use the following principles to address issues on which we have no current position:

  1. Seniors have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.

  2. Services and programs should be provided to seniors in a manner which is least intrusive, provides empowerment to the extent possible and promotes independence, all balanced with the necessity of protection of seniors not capable of self care or assistance to seniors who have diminished capacity for total self care.

  3. While seniors have a right to a safe and nurturing environment and have a right to expect society to provide protection through laws, regulations, and policies which protect seniors' physical, mental, and spiritual well-being and promote practices to accomplish these goals, government policies and enforcement of regulations should not inhibit providers of care and services to the aging from providing cost-effective, high quality care.

  4. Seniors should be able to expect appropriate services, whether living in their own homes or elsewhere. In furtherance of this goal government must adequately fund and maintain standards for services to seniors at a level which is economically viable so that providers may maintain high standards and quality of care across a spectrum of services.

  5. Education and sufficient information are necessary so that seniors can be informed decision makers.

  6. Seniors should have access to preventive, remedial, and long-term health care. Government policies should facilitate the availability of a spectrum of services to aging persons.

  7. Government health care plans should cover a continuum of care for seniors in order to ensure quality services and independence of seniors to the maximum extent feasible.



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